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by Hugh Smith
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Pun-Filled Variety Sketches
(A comedy revue of vaudeville type skits)

These seven hilarious short to medium length comedy routines offer parts for everybody.
All satirize everyday people and situations.  Caricature comedy with lots of puns.
Excellent for up to forty-two members of a variety show.  Includes: 1. Wild West Freak
Show;  2. Doctor Doctor;  3. The Students Have all the Answers;  4. Dr.
Schtickoutyourtongue to the Rescue;  5. Auto Mechanic First Aid;  6. At the
Restaurant;  7. Who's the Dummy?  These sketches are also adaptable for competition
or classroom use.
Cast: 3 to 10 each skit.
Age level: Middle Grades to College
Playing time: Varies, 3 to 8 minutes each
Complete playkit with 11 scripts and rights to reproduce copies: $20.95USD
Order #HS-P1121
Prices subject to change without notice

Short Cuts Comedy Sketch Collection
Short Cuts
(Five pun-filled skits for "dummies")

Live actors become puppet dummies in these hilarious sketches.  By cutting some old
suits, putting gloves on the sleeves, and shoes on their hands, performers appear ¼ normal
size.  A funny sight!  A ventriloquist completes the illusion by grasping the backs of their
necks. Lots of laughs when they're "lifted up" with their feet kicking.  Each skit is a great
vaudeville act.  The dialog is sharp, crisp and thoroughly delightful.  Includes: 1. "Short"
on Smarts -- Dummy makes ventriloquist look dumb.  2. Money Talk -- Ventriloquist is
chided for being cheap.  3. Singing Harmony -- Two dummies argue over who sings
best.  4. The Science Lesson -- Ventriloquist tries to teach, but dummies have all the
answers.  5. The Gambler -- Ventriloquist gets a psychiatrist for gambling dummy.
Cast: M or W, 2 to 3 each skit, up to 13 players
Age level: Middle Grades to High School
Playing time: varies -- 4 to 7 minutes each
Complete playkit with 10 scripts and rights to reproduce copies: $20.95USD
Order #HS-P1170
Prices subject to change without notice

Wacky Theatre Variety Show
(Comedy Variety Show)
With more wild and whacky mix-ups, the popular Babbot and Cobello are back, as are more courthouse capers and other comedic routines. This outrageous collection of new skits will keep audiences in an uproar of hilarity.  Lots of parts for everyone.  Skits include, Coming Up in the World -- joke filled variety-show-introduction finds actors on easy to make stilts to prevent humor from going over their heads; Babbot and Cobello (Cobello Talks Business -- hilarious bank loan confusion & Dairy-Air Milkshake Parlor -- Cobello decides to go partners with his cow); Duel to the Death -- finicky duelists, having trouble "choosing their weapons", finish with audience-pleasing slapstick; Courthouse Capers -- The Honorable U.R.. Dunfore presides over joke-filled cases in court; Who's the Toughest? -- terrorizing tough guy, humorously humbled, finishes with funny "punch" line; Ashes to Ashes -- husband trouble, including problem of his ashes; An Empty Stomach -- a skit to tease the "empty-headed" principal or mayor, etc.; First Day at School -- students overwhelmed by classical education; Back to Bach -- Bach and Offenbach involved in confusing "identity crisis."
Cast: 2 to 12 each skit
Age level: Middle Grades to College
Playing time: varies -- 2 to 5 minutes each
Complete playkit with 12 scripts and rights to reproduce copies: $22.95USD
Order #HS-P1404
Prices subject to change without notice

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